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Buying A Computer

You need a new computer or a used one. Whether it's your first computer, or you're a seasoned buyer, its always good to know few things before you decide and that’s what we at B.Algo is trying to do. We are a company with 20yrs standing in market and enjoy an excellent reputation for ethical dealings and best after sales service, consider this as our social responsibility and obligation to educate the buyers.

Before you finalise, you need to know what you are exactly looking for. Take few minutes and list the “needs” that will fulfill your computer requirements. Categories these in two. Needs that must be met (or the entire purpose of buying a computer is defeated ) and the once which might arise during the course of usage. Consider the active life of your computer as 3 yrs. Speculating some thing beyond 3yrs is very difficult in information technology trade as the soft ware keeps changing fast and hence the need for your hardware also goes up OR may be your requirement itself may change over a period of time.

Once you are ready with “Must” & “May be” list of your needs, you can now start tagging features to it. And once the feature list is ready, you are now ready to shop for a computer.

One has to look in to following things while finalsing the feature of the machine.

Processor : It is the basic requirement of any computer. If you are looking for a computer which is going to be used for Word Processing or mails or some simple data entry jobs (billing / accounting / store application ) the speed of the processor may not matter much. How ever if you are looking for intensive number crunching job / statistical application/ graphic application / geometric – trigonometric application you may opt for a processor with high processing capacity.

Hard disk Capacity : Second important requirement is to access your data size. What volume of data you are likely to keep in your disk for quick reference. This will decide the range of hard disk you have to ask for out of the currently available capacities.

Display : Select the appropriate type and size of display from CRT (for desktop) and TFT options. Size of the display can decided as per your application. For the machines being used for personal use, smaller screen sizes are preferred and for home theater, drawing / drafting application or play station application, bigger screen size will be recommended.

Internet : For connectivity to internet, faster data transfer, video conference, web camera chat, you will have to opt for broad band connection. In such case ADSL modem needs to be selected.

Play Station : In case of gamming application in your house, You can select necessary graphic accelerator and gamming cards to match your specific needs.

 Before you buy, ask yourself:

  • What kind of usage do I have exactly?

  • How many Hrs per day I shall be using this?

  • Who all are going to use it?

  • What features matter to you?

  • What software do I need?

  • Do I need any special training while using this software?

  • Who is going to help me in minor problems if hardware / software?

  • What is may target price range?

Assembled or Branded :

Assembled version of the machine may be slightly cheaper in price than branded for the same configuration. But there is a vast difference in buying assembled to branded.

Models and their specifications of the branded computer are fixed. This information is generally available on their printed brouchers or web site while in assembled, as the name suggests, any dam configuration can be made available.

·       Margin to the dealer in case of branded is fixed and they have very narrow chance of changing the configuration by way of changing internal spare parts with non genuine and covering the profit margin he has lost in negotiation with you. While in assembled, the price is fixed first and the dealer has to buy spares to match his expected profit margin.

·       Speed and other specifications of all the components has to match otherwise even a very high speed processor may function like a low speed engine or hang frequently or abort operations.

·       You have a back up of service by the authorized service center to fall on in case the dealer fails to give you service in branded.

·       Legality of the software installed could always be in question.

While assembled machines can be a bit cheaper than the branded for the same configuration.


While all notebook computers come with TFT display, you have an option to opt for TFT display in desktop models. TFT will save your desktop space and also the power consumption. It is more soothing to operator eyes and radiation level is also less as compared to CRT. 

Screens are available in 15” , 17” 19” & 21” sizes. Bigger screens can also be ordered on demand for desktop models. Notebook computers are available in various sizes from 10”  to 19”. You have decide on your application and select the size. If you are looking for personal use and portability, then smaller size note book can be preferred. However, if it is for presentation application you will have to look for bigger display.

Notebook or Desktop

Both the types of computers have their own application. Each has it’s own advantage and drawbacks. When you are looking at the portability of data, presentation, “Carry work home” type work environment, you will have to look for Notebook.

How ever as long you are sure that you have a stationary computing environment, where you want to provide computer to your staff members where you do not expect them to move it around. In case of home applications, in case you want to use it as more of entertainment machine like multimedia home theater, play station then a desk top will be more preferred.

Intel or AMD

Both Intel as well as AMD are world renowned companies. Both of them their own strengths in R&D, Manufacturing and support infrastructure.  We have come across lot of clients who surf web / details literature and come out with technical charts of comparison which actually compare results in Nińo seconds. Now in our country, where computers are just kept ON with screen saver playing a jazzy display without much of any active work, what is the need to compare results.

Please understand that we are just the drivers of the vehicle and what goes inside need not be much looked in to as long as you have the driving pleasure and your computer does the assigned work without trouble

New or Used

Cost of the machine depreciates faster than the allowed income tax depreciation in the I.T. trade. The cost of the machine goes down straight by 25%, the movement you take the delivery of the machine and register the legal software in your name. The cost also goes down every quarter due to fast changing technology. Cost after 1 yr of usage would be about 30 to 50% of the purchase price based on the usage.

New computer buyer has the advantage of buying the configuration of his choice and gets a genuine warrantee on the same. While the second hand buyer has to settle for best available configuration nearest to his requirements. Second hand buyer is buying it without warrantee on “As is” basis. The seller of such machines will not take any responsibility once the payment is made and delivery in working / tested condition is given.

One also needs to look for the legality aspect of the software which are installed in the computer you are buying.

Buying old /used computer can be very economical. Specially when you are buying a computer which is 18 months to 30 months old.

Now if you have made up your mind, let’s go ahead and make a buy.



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