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Notebook Care Tips

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Notebook Care Tips

Wellness Care Tips

  • For Comfortable viewing, adjust brightness by pressing Fn+ Fn(key marked in your keypad).

  • Hibernate or power off the system, if not in use for more than 10 Min.

  • Take backup of your data regularly to prevent data loss caused due to any unforeseen failure.

  • Uninstall unwanted applications & remove temporary files regularly.

  • Perform “Hard drive tunein” by running disk check & de-fragmentation.

  • Install antivirus software and keep virus definitions updated.

  • Update Windows once a month to maintain performance consistency.

  • Keep adaptor & power chord in proper manner to prevent wear & tear.

  • Turn off system or stop device in system tray before ejecting deice.

  • Check compatibility of device or application before installing to avoid unpredictable results.

  • Clean the external cover of LCD panel with sot cloth moistened with water to remove the contaminants from panel.

  • Remove unnecessary things from startup to increase the performance.

  • HP / Compaq users can calibrate the battery at least once a month for better battery life. Ref URL :http://www.hp.com/go/techcenter/battery

  • HP/ Compaq users can perform on line / self health check : Ref URL : nttp://instantsupport.asiapac.hp.com.

  • Check the manufacturer’s web site regularly for any system BIOS and driver enhancements.

  • Regularly adjust power management settings (power schemes) in Control Panel to permit the hard drive to be turned off when it will be unused for an extended period of time.

Things – What not to do

  • Placing any object on keyboard or palm rest.

  • Applying pressure or keep heavy object on back of LCD or on the top cover of the notebook.

  • Avoid jerks or massive shock.

  • Keeping staple pin, office pin or any small metal objects in carry case along with the system.

  • Working with the notebook on cushions for longer period. This results in blocking the natural ventilation and results in over heating which may suddenly shut down the notebook.

  • Keeping more files on desk top. This results in in crease of booting time.

  • Spraying any cleaning liquid directly on notebook.

  • Touching lens of optical drive.

  • Exposing battery to extreme temperature. This affects the battery life.

  • Keeping notebook in carry case with adaptor pin is connected. This may affect the main board of the system.

  • Spilling water, tea or any liquid on the computer.

  • Giving your notebook for repairs to any unauthorized agencies.





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